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Just Pushed a Ton

105,000 miles and counting. For our metric chums that 168,000 clicks. Or 1,722,000 laps round a tennis court. Or 375513600 cubits. Or nearly halfway to the moon (on average it is 238,855 miles away). Over this time we have averaged… Continue Reading →

All Weather Tyres

The Merc is currently equipped with ‘All Weather’ tyres, or if you’re foreign, tires. If you are one of those philistines that regard tyres as simply black circles then I urge you to read The Intercooler, available as an app…. Continue Reading →

Hooray, it’s another Merc.

It’s been a while since I last posted, sorry.  The BMW has moved on to another owner and I have returned to the Mercedes fold.  The vehicle in question this time is a C43 Estate, and it is almost everything… Continue Reading →

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