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Austin 1300 – Wow!

Many moons ago when I was young and stupid as opposed to the current old and senile, I bought a bad car. What! I hear you say. A bad car – what was it? OK. I used to be a… Continue Reading →

Petrol or Diesel?

Accurate figures are hard to come by, but my best estimate is that diesel cars account for around 50% of the car market at present and that share is increasing. Some time ago I read an article about the contents… Continue Reading →

Lancia in reverse

An old joke about Italian tanks having 7 reverse gears reminded me of an amusing incident some years ago: We were driving from the pub, the Windmill at Linton at closing time; in those days pubs closed at ten thirty… Continue Reading →

Mini Clubman

Was travelling with number one son to Birmingham the other day and we were naturally discussing cars.  I expressed my usual need to change the Merc and get something newer and more economical topic; this conversation has been running for… Continue Reading →

Sexy pink LR

Found a fabulous Land Rover on Ebay, but it is a little pricey Wife not impressed, nor the boys either.

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