I’ve now done nearly 7000 miles in the MX5 and after 9 months with the car my thoughts are as follows:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Good
What a stunning and controllable car to drive, damp roundabouts are a hoot, any turning or road where the camber changes and throws the car off balance are tremendous fun (although Mrs S does not agree).  It is not quick, in fact the acceleration is downright poor if overtaking, but the sensation of speed is ever present, due in no small part to how low the car is.  The roof is very easy to open, like shrugging off an overcoat, and the sensation of velocity is increased.  I’ve read many test reports of the car and it is every bit as good as they report.  It has bundles of kit for a ‘cheap’ roadster.  There is even indication in the wing mirrors when a car is in the blind spot, previously found on only Mercs and the like.

The Bad
Damp roundabouts and adverse cambers; on most journeys I don’t want to drive like a hooligan, I want comfort, an automatic ‘box and the ability to hear Radio 4 when a lorry is in the next lane.  When the roof is up (not exactly a rarity in England in the Autumn) it is very claustrophobic and dark.  The automatic headlights come on when the sun goes in and the satnav goes dark.  Reversing is particularly difficult with the roof up.  There is NO internal storage space whatsoever.  As a personal gripe, I don’t like the ‘keyless’ system, it seems unnatural and causes problems when Mrs S drops me off somewhere and I have the key in my pocket.

The Ugly
Not the car, but the driver is suspect.

On the hunt for another estate!