Mazda MX5 – Not a Hairdressers Car!

Well I fell out with the BMW 1 series rather quickly.  It was quick enough, and it had no real faults but I really did not connect with it.  It was also what son No.2 called ‘poverty spec’.  It had no extras of the sort that are found as standard on similar cars.  It was also a manual, not a problem in its self, but a rather poor change in that I was never sure of hitting the correct gear.

So we have bought a Mazda MX5!  Partly to prove that I am still young enough to have a mid-life crisis, but also to entice the missus out of her rather nice mazda_mx5VW Toureg that I have envied from the day she bought it.

This Mazda has almost every conceivable extra, Heated Tan leather seats, wing mirror blind spot warnings, automatic dipping main beam, lane change warnings, speakers in the headrests for when the roof is down, sat nav…….

On a whim I took the missus to Stoneacres garage in Harrogate to have a look at the new MX5 that resembles a Jaguar F Type (ish) and the one in the showroom was a lovely Soul Red with tan leather seats, a 2.0 litre petrol beauty.  The sales guy (Stewart / Steuart / Stuart or Steward) was both knowledgeable and helpful and offered us a test drive.  Not just a spin round the block but upto four hours to ourselves, go wherever we wanted and with no interference from the garage.

After a blast round the countryside in the brand new unregistered car we returned to the garage and I said we would have it.  He said that there was around a twelve week delivery time for a car of that spec.  No, I want THAT car, the one we’ve just driven…..

It was our the very next day.  Fabulous.