I have done the drive from Harrogate to Leeds more times than I care to remember, and when I had a ‘proper’ job in Leeds it was of course a daily commute.  On the Harrogate Road, near the Esso garage on the right as one heads south to Leeds there is an Edwardian (I think) semi detached house typical of many in the area, but with a red Mercedes R107 500SL in the drive.

It has stood without turning a wheel for at least 12 years, maybe more.  The paintwork is looking shabby, the tyres appear to be still inflated but there are plant pots surrounding it and a very forlorn 500SLcar it looks too.

I would love to know the story behind this, that model of car in good condition can sell for up tp £50,000.  I suspect that this particular example may be beyond salvage now, but why has it been left to decay?  I have had several examples of these over the years and enjoyed every one, it seems so sad to see one in this condition.  I wish I had the nerve to knock on the door and inquire.