Diesel Engines

Been having a ride in a BMW 1 series today, more precisely 2 cars, a 1.6 petrol automatic and a 2.0 ltr diesel (118d).  The old C350 Merc is starting to show her age and number 2 son is also starting driving lessons so I have decided to ‘downsize’ to a manual car so that No. 2 can practice his skills.  BMW116PetrolThis one here is the petrol version, and a jolly fine car, although it is automatic so cannot really be considered for the junior offspring.  I was pleasantly surprised by the performance, in my day 1.6 litre was considered a little pathetic, but diesel was never an option in this sort of engine size.

Next up was the 118d, the salesman suggested it as a contrast and I had some time to spare…

WOW!  The 2.0 litre engine has some punch, smooth, pulls well from 1500rpm and goes like a train.  This is not what diesels are supposed to be like, where was the death rattle, the harsh vibrations, the black smoke?  60mpg!  What’s not to like.  If I can find one with climate control then a sale is made.  No. 2 will not be allowed near it.