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DAB – Dabbling in Radio

ICE (In Car Entertainment) has come a long way from the first systems installed in the 1930’s. It was 1952 before the first FM radio was introduced by Blaupunkt followed in 1953 by the iconic Becker Mexico. Since then there… Continue Reading →

Midweek Motoring Meander

Caffeine & Machine, Morgans and Diddly Squat Farmshop. We spent 3 days last week touring round the countryside south of Birmingham. We had tickets to a tour of the Morgan factory at Malvern and to make the journey worthwhile we… Continue Reading →

Private Number Plates

Some years ago I recall seeing an advert in a motoring magazine where they boasted that every car came complete with a private number plate, their lead example was a rather mundane Mini Metro with the number plate BZY 234… Continue Reading →

White Goods, the Future of Motoring

Someone observed to me the other day that he considered cars are now just white goods and because we are both hardened Petrol Heads we mourned the passing of motoring as a pleasure, a pastime, a way of life, a… Continue Reading →

BMW 1 Series joins the family

BMW 1 Series joins the family

"Oh Gawd, now I've gone an' done it, I've only gone an' bought a Beemer..." Well, it's a 1 Series to be precise. A BMW 118D Sport. The word Sport has pushed up the insurance a little, but my views on insurance costs are well known. Any way, the new beast is a 5 door white 62 plate Beemer, BMWExterioronly the second one I've had, although Mrs S's X5 is still the best car we've ever owned. I used to have a BMW535i, a fantastic saloon, Y reg, that was more than capable of eating up the miles and petrol. This one is a little more prosaic, being only 2.0 Litre and also a manual.  It is claimed BMWInsideto do 62mpg, and I shall be reporting back here as to the veracity of the claim.  I will say that the soon to be departed Merc 350 petrol returned an average of 28.6mpg, which I though quite remarkable for a V6 3.5 Litre engine running an automatic 'box.

I am quite looking forward to driving it, I am sometimes called upon to drive long distances so we shall see how good it is over the long haul.

BMW 1 Series joins the family “Oh Gawd, now I’ve gone an’ done it, I’ve only gone an’ bought a Beemer…” Well, it’s a 1 Series to be precise. A BMW 118D Sport. The word Sport has pushed up the… Continue Reading →

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