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An Epiphany (sort of)

I have chuntered elsewhere on this platform about the escalating use of keyless ignition and the ubiquitous START button which I really don’t like. Mainly the issue is that when I clamber aboard and I have the keys in my… Continue Reading →

White Goods, the Future of Motoring

Someone observed to me the other day that he considered cars are now just white goods and because we are both hardened Petrol Heads we mourned the passing of motoring as a pleasure, a pastime, a way of life, a… Continue Reading →

Climate Control – It’s not Rocket Science

There are many things in life that wind me up, amongst them are drivers that don’t understand the Climate Control function in their car. Early heating systems in cars were fairly rudimentary, water from the cooling system flowed through a… Continue Reading →

Fighting Talk – The MGB is Rubbish!

Contentious argument here: The MGB GT is rubbish, and always has been almost from its inception. I just cannot understand why they have become so revered. I recall a friend buying one in the seventies less than a year old… Continue Reading →

Flappy Paddles?

Being rather idle by nature I have generally preferred automatic cars to the manual variety.  In years gone by the usual automatic gearbox was a three speed ‘slushmatic’ in which gear changes were slurred and sometimes quite slow.  In general… Continue Reading →

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