At the dawn of time, in the mid Eighties actually, I bought a Ferrari. Why is this not mentioned or pictured on my Cars page on this site? Well technically I didn’t really take possession or even own it….

Some friends and I had travelled to London one Saturday to go to a party, and we had arrived mid morning and of course decided to go to a pub. We went to several actually, and a good time was had by all. Now this may surprise you, but in those days pubs closed at 2:30 and didn’t re-open til 5:00, the party was to be later in the evening so we had some time to kill. I ventured that as we were in the Big City this was an excellent place to see some exotic cars at some rather famous garages, so without further ado we set of in a taxi to some well known purveyors of expensive automobiles.

We arrived at The Chequered Flag garage some time later still quite refreshed and it was here that I literally stumbled over a Ferrari Dino 246 in red priced at £4000.

Love at first sight

It was love at first sight, I had to have it. The salesman was more than happy to relieve this drunken buffoon of £100 deposit egged on by his friends. I hadn’t even started it up, nor checked any paperwork or any of the normal procedures for buying a car, I just had to buy it.

I don’t recall much about the party, only that no one seemed much impressed that I was now the proud owner of a red Ferrari; not the ‘babe magnet’ that my friends had promised as I had written out a cheque some hours earlier.

Monday saw me back in Yorkshire realising the stupidity of my impulse purchase and frantically trying to cancel the deal. The garage were inured to my pleadings of poverty and foolishness and only agreed that my deposit could be used towards the purchase of an alternative vehicle if I wasn’t going ahead with the Dino.

Dino’s are now changing hands for over £120,000