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A Tale of Two Rovers

The Vogue’s Tale Last summer I got a call from my brother asking for a small favour. He was away but he asked if I could go round to his house and take his son’s Range Rover to our local… Continue Reading →

Getting in a Spin

An HGV driver I spoke to the other day was telling me that his oil filter was due a clean. I remarked that a new filter for a Scania V8 must cost a bit and he told me that they… Continue Reading →

Just Pushed a Ton

105,000 miles and counting. For our metric chums that 168,000 clicks. Or 1,722,000 laps round a tennis court. Or 375513600 cubits. Or nearly halfway to the moon (on average it is 238,855 miles away). Over this time we have averaged… Continue Reading →

No, it’s a Ford

In January 1999 there was an announcement that the Ford Motor Company was to purchase the Swedish car company Volvo. It was, in the car world, fairly momentous news. There had been several bidders for Volvo including Volkswagen AG and… Continue Reading →

AI – Actually Interesting

There’s been a lot of chatter about ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence across the media. Some of it scary and Distopian, some of it hopeful and uplifting. I thought I would check it out…. I created an account on and… Continue Reading →

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